Netflix will bring 40 million euros to French and European cinema this year

Netflix will bring 40 million euros to French and European cinema this year

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming platform, will bring its EGOT to French cinema this year. This is a direct consequence of the three-year agreement announced between the platform and the professional bodies of 7 on Tuesday, February 22e Art. Audiovisual On-Demand Media Services in Europe (A.D. M. S) within the framework of cinema financial obligations, Netflix undertakes to invest 4% of the annual revenue generated in France in French-language film creation, while guaranteeing a minimum of 30 million a year.

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For 2022, according to the latter, all of the American group’s investments in French and European formation will amount to “About 40 million euros”. A diversity unit provides that at least 17% of pre-funding will be allocated to works with a budget of less than or equal to 4 million euros. In addition, Netflix is committed to pre-financing at least 10 films a year. In return, the films will be visible before Netflix. The platform will advance its planned broadcast window into the new media timeline, fifteen months after the movie’s release in theaters (no more than thirty-six months), and to a seven-month exclusive period. But, in the doc, Netflix judges “It is desirable to bring back this deadline as soon as possible [de quinze] In twelve months”.

A “historic” deal

If the site collects subscribers thanks to the series, it has created a cinema-going Film by funding popular directors such as Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Jane Campion or Adam McKay. He also produces French films such as Bigbug, By Jean-Pierre Jeannette, Without rest, By Régis Blondeau, Far from berib, By Louis Leterrier, or Dangerous contacts, By Rachel Susa, who will air this year. In addition to the 40 million euros allocated for films now released in theaters, Netflix will still invest 160 million a year in France in the production of live-streamed series, documentaries and films.

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“It is great news that there is a new window for the production of French films. Just as Films co-produced by Netflix are coming to cinemas in France “, Said Richard Patry, president of the National Federation of French cinemas in the magazine French film, When Société des réalisateurs de films et Syndicat des producteurs indépendants saw an agreement “Historical”. Pascal Rocard, chief executive of the Society of dramatic songwriters, is more cautious : “That should be welcomed, He says, If the warranty is at least 34 million euros and not 30 for French works, as provided by the SMAT decree. » He particularly regrets the lack of consistency of the new media timeline as OCS, by bringing 20 million euros to the cinema, will air films six months after their theatrical release, while Netflix will wait fifteen months by bringing a double.

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