Australia refusing to sow in Antarctica

Australia refusing to sow in Antarctica

Prime minister Scott Morrison, on Tuesday, February 22, unveiled a plan of more than half a billion euros to accelerate the study of the White Continent. Many see it as his intention to ward off Chinese appetites above all else and risk creating an arms race.

Drones, autonomous vehicles, helicopters … Australia plans to use enormous means to continue its exploration of Antarctica. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Tuesday, February 22, that 804 million Australian dollars or 512 million euros would be spent over the next ten years on the project, according to reports Brisbane Times.

This investment “Will allow us to explore areas within East Antarctica that no country has been able to reach to date”, Scott Morrison insisted in a statement. The whole thing is officially triggered by scientific considerations.

Still others make mistakes. Canberra’s announcement comes “At a time of growing concern about the actions of China and Russia on the continent”, Fall Brisbane Times. More precisely, the Australian channel is rich ABC News On its website, “China has expanded its presence and operations within Antarctica, at 42% of the continent claimed by Australia”.

Any plans for fishing and mining resources?

What confirms Australian Financial Review :

Last year, China built its fifth Research Station into Australian territory and is suspected


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