Morocco exemplifies the contemporary Benign scene

Le Maroc met en lumière la scène contemporaine béninoise

Mehdi Kotpi was welcomed by President Patrice Dalon in Cotonou

Mehdi Kotpi, chairman of the National Museum Foundation (FNM), continues to collaborate with various organizations. He met with the President of the Republic of Benin Patrice Talon in the presence of Moroccan Ambassador Rachid Rguibi in Cotonou. Purpose of this visit: to not only strengthen cooperation with the competent Benign authority but also to express Morocco’s desire to host the contemporary elements of the historical exhibition “The Art of Benin, Yesterday and Today”. Today: From Reconstruction to Revelation. ”During a meeting between Benin’s Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Aurelian Agfenzi and Ministers of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Benin President Pablola Jean-Michel Herve Abimbola, H.M. He noted that this kingdom is an example to follow in promoting artistic and cultural heritage.

109 contemporary works of art by 34 great and emerging local artists
First published on the walls of the Palace of the Presidency of the Republic of Benin Cotonou, for the first time, consists of two parts, “The Art of Benin, Yesterday and Today: Restoration to Revelation.” According to the Benign Media, this brings together the royal treasures returned by France in 2021 and 109 contemporary works of art by 34 great and emerging local artists living in the country and abroad.
The first volume, entitled “Contemporary Art of Benin”, brings together 34 contemporary artists and over a hundred works, depicting all the artistic vitality of the Benign scene through a variety of media, aesthetics and techniques: painting, sculpture, installation, video art, drawing, digital art, performance.
It shows monumental tapes in honor of Yves Apollinaire Pèdé voodoo, installed from the hair by Dmitry Foucault, including Emo de Medeiros’ Afro-Future robots and monumental paintings and paintings by Moufouli Bello. As for the second part, known as the “Royal Treasures of Benin”, in fact, after 129 years in museums in France, cultural works have returned from Benin.

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