Here are 7 hidden tricks to make full use of your iPhone

Last fall, Apple released a new update to its operating system: iOS 15 was born. More intuitive, IOS 15 bets on communication and productivity features. One of the new features, especially focusing on the notification summary that enhances the notifications displayed on your mobile, is best on the side of iMessage, FaceTime or Maps … but iOS 15 also has some mysteries and other secret features you may not know. Discover our 7 tips to enjoy 100% on your iPhone under iOS 15.

7 iOS 15 tips you may not know

We all have our little secrets and iOS 15 is no exception. If you think you know about Apple’s latest mobile operating system update, here are 7 secret features you may not know.

Swipe on Safari

You’ll definitely notice: When you browse Safari, the search bar is now at the bottom of the page. But it is not idle. In fact, you can now switch from one tab to another by swiping right or left, just as it already is to switch from one open application to another in multitasking mode.

A Shazam Shortcut?

Here’s a tip that will appeal to music lovers: With iOS 15, Apple has introduced a new shortcut to your iPhone control center. You do not need to use Siri to identify the music or open Shazam, “Song Recognition” takes care of it directly for you.

Very easy zoom from the camera

Another novelty, on the side of your iPhone camera. Now zoom in with fingers while taking video as it already exists on Instagram or Snapshot. A little novelty but a very practical novelty!

Some new features on Dictophone

On the dictaphone page, there is something new. From now on, playback speeds can be changed directly, silences can be avoided and audio can be enhanced. This can be very useful if you make long posts.

Increase text size easily

If you find some sites unwelcome because the font is too small, find out what Apple thought of you. To make it easier for you to read an article or other on your smartphone, iOS 15 now introduces a shortcut to increase the size of the text in the blink of an eye from your iPhone’s control center.

Drag anything and everything

Did you know that with iOS 15, you can drag and drop anything and everything? Image, text … you can easily paste and send just what you want to send.

Text recognition

Finally, our ultimate trick to making full use of your iPhone may be more appropriate: it allows you to identify text from real media. By showing your camera on a piece of paper, you can copy text from that piece of paper and paste it into your notes. Or anywhere else. Icing on the cake, you can translate it directly with the translation or by writing, with a simple touch, writing a phone number on the post-it.

Clearly, iOS 15 is full of well-protected secrets. We hope these few tips will allow you to make full use of your iPhone. If you want to enhance the autonomy of your smartphone under iOS 15, find ours Tips and advice.

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