5th edition of the Aix-en-Provence judicial Film Festival from February 23 to March 2

5th edition of the Aix-en-Provence judicial Film Festival from February 23 to March 2

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The program aims to provide justice-related film screenings for high school students, followed by exchanges with legal experts, police, gendarmes and officials from the city hall. Despite the vagaries of the health crisis, the partners wanted to maintain this organizational plan at the direction of Aix schools and also consider it via new themes and age groups. However, because the period is still complicated at the organizational level, the option offered to middle school students that was supposed to take place in December 2021 had to be canceled.

How FFJ 2022 will take place

F.F. J takes place in the mornings (except weekends and Monday, February 28) from Wednesday, February 23 to Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Screenings of 2 films are given to students ‘ classes, pre-recorded and accompanied on the day chosen by their teachers.


For this 5th edition of the Aix-en-Provence judicial Film Festival, organizers have chosen a theme that can only challenge young audiences and their environmental awareness. This is a right:”justice and the environment”.

Every year, a discussion will be held with students (about 45 minutes) in each session, in the project room, led by speakers who specialize in the topic. This time of exchanges can deepen the history of the planned film and expand the question of students in this field through professional and direct answers.

The two films selected by the judicial Film Festival committee include :

– Dark waters by Todd Hayne (American film – 2019) (2H) – with Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins.

Robert pilot is a lawyer specializing in the protection of Chemical Industries. Arrested by a farmer, his grandmother’s neighbor, he discovered that the picturesque countryside of his childhood had been poisoned by the factory of the powerful DuPont Chemical Group, the region’s largest employer. In order to break the truth about deadly pollution due to toxic discharges from the plant, he would risk his career, his family and even his own life…

Rouge (French film – 2020) (1h25) with Zita hanrot, Sami Bouzila, Celine chalet, by Farid bendoumie.

Noor has been hired as a nurse at the chemical factory where her father works, as a union director and a mainstay of the company since time immemorial. While the factory is under full health control, a journalist leads an investigation into waste management. Two young girls gradually discover that this factory, a pillar of the local economy, hides many secrets.

Action of FFJ 2022

This is part of an approach to raising awareness of younger generations and their awareness of dangerous impacts on the environment and on everyone’s health is in place. It takes into account current events related to the selected theme, in particular current laws on sustainable development (for example: legislation n ┬░ 2021-1485 of November 15, 2021, aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology in France, by limiting the renewal of digital devices and the production of digital terminals smartphones, tablets, computers, which represents 70% of the carbon footprint of digital technology in France …), Environmental Police, etc.

Some lines of questioning

* Justice and environmental awareness: Why are these two words filled?

* Environmental impact : what obstacles?

* Ecology : is it just a political trademark for you? Principle of life? Or an early awakening?

* What levers can we use – each at our own level-to limit environmental impacts?

* You find a wild dump while walking: what do you do to act?

* What daily actions can we create in separate or groups, to respect the environment, whether urban or rural?

* Sustainable development: what is its impact on our values and our lives in 2022?

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