Why do fires occur in Australia?

australie incendies

For months now, Australia has been dealing with terrible fires. It’s summer out there, it’s so hot! Forest fires often occur this season. But this year, these fires have been so violent that firefighters have had to wait for help from the rain, hoping to extinguish them. Why is this fire so impressive? The answer in the video.

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Fires Australia

Why do fires occur in Australia?

Fires are common Australia In the following months From September to March. Australians even talk about “fire season” which is caused by lightning, Drought Or by man. But more fires ravaging the country in 2020 Devastating.

Why is this fire so impressive?

In 2019, Australia experienced spring Impoverished Its history and has struck Temperature records. In these conditions, a fire broke out at the beginning of the season. Especially that one Strong winds Several fires that are quick broke out in startups Out of control.

The fire has even reached a forest where there are houses 3,000-year-old trees And species of animals unique in the world. This Mega fire Lasts several months, because only rain can stop them.

No rain, too much heat

Scientists, Climate change The main responsibility. And because there will be less rain and Periods of drought No longer, these megafugs will be more and more frequent.

Experts estimate it will take decades Environment May Fill up. Today, This uncontrollable fire Have at least one contribution Global awareness Negative effects of climate change.

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