Holiday cinema: a joke in a video game or retirement home?

Holiday cinema: a joke in a video game or retirement home?

The holidays got off to a good start in cinemas. If action and comedy are topped with “Uncharted” and “retirement home,” diversity is in encounters, and not just for children.

There’s nothing new under the sun: it’s enough for the holidays to come so that movie theaters can smile again. Despite the bass, despite the masks … Despite the overwhelming amount of fiction that platforms broadcast. That’s good news!

Kings of action

The audience voted: their favorite at the moment is “uncharted”, an adaptation of a video game apparently well known to young people. The US film will surpass one million admissions in France tonight for its first week of operation. It offers how Hollywood knows it: that is, action and spectacular. A remarkable turnaround that still leaves a small space for” Spider-Man: no way home, ” which surpassed 7 million fans in its 10th week. On a very large screen, not in a postage stamp version on a phone or tablet.

Funny made in France

Opinion jokes (about baby Kings, outdated fathers, overcooked grandfathers, plastered girls …) Know various fortunes. The latest, “retirement home,” did not miss its release. D. facing an overzealous old man.I. G. In this story of a young offender began at the top of the rankings by exceeding 500,000 entries. Enough to revive the faltering career of the band’s youngster, Kev Adams. As for Depardieu, Prévost, Rovère and co, they didn’t care a little: they had a good laugh and in addition they were paid.
The holidays will allow the” superhero in spite of himself ” to ensure his solid success. The reception of the television” stars”, who are the two assistants of” balmashov”, is slightly disappointing. Still, this blasting as a rule of game shows – co-produced by TF1-is frankly silly.

Everything to entertain children

“Encanto” means, Disney /Pixar… Christmas is still in the cinema in Week 13, a French animated film (and a little Canadian too), “Vaillant,” which takes timpani. All the better, because this portrait of a young woman who wants to become a firefighter in 30s America is on fire.
In a slightly idyllic register, “Hopper and dark hamster” works very well. Then again, congratulations Europe since this animated comedy is Belgian (and French too).

So adults?

In contrast to images of pure distraction that logically occupy screens,” another world ” may fear the worst. Indeed, no, the Brizé-Lindon tandem’s new journey to the excesses of the corporate world has already managed to convince large audiences. And word of mouth should benefit him.
Other serious works are very difficult to impose themselves, despite their qualities:” investigation of a state corruption”, an excellent political thriller;” real family”, an important description of a foster family.
As for “you only want me,” about Marguerite Duras’s all-consuming passion for a young man, it has its title rigged. The film, which was praised by many critics, left an audience that mostly liked him … “Young lovers”. Ardant sexier than Duras? Yes, the audience responds bluntly.

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