Formula 1 | Newgordon condemns the approach to F1

Formula 1 |  Newgordon condemns the approach to F1

Joseph Newgarden was a two-time Indigen champion and hoped the American would reach F1 once. He admitted that the money needed to reach the top was a problem for him.

“You still have to match their organization, their people, their political status, and these days you have to find incredible amounts of money, which is hard and big.” Newgarden said.

“So, I think the biggest pressure and challenge will be on card drivers in Europe or the UK or around the world, on the advertising formulas they want to move to Formula 1.”

“All of these pressures are not enough for places or opportunities multiplied by 10. All I know, if you ask me today if I’re likely to walk into F1 at the age of 13, this is what I would say. Practically impossible.”

“If I do not have incredible support behind me, for example, an American company that wants to put hundreds of millions of dollars behind my name to get me in Formula 1. I do not see any scenario that would give me a clear path to achieve. That.”

Integrating Americans into advertising formulas in Europe

The two names considered for switching from IndyCar to F1 are Colton Herta and Pato O’Ward. The first will depend on the acquisition of the Saber by Andrei Autosport, while the second will have to wait to get a place in McLaren, while believing that no one has a more attractive profile than him.

Newgarden Jr. thinks Formulas is overweight in helping drivers get to F1: “We still have this debate in February 2022, but you still have to go through Europe. You can see the political posture and support from the European side for coming to Formula 1.”

“You would not do that with Indicar. If it were not for the very special situation, I would say that Bodo O’Ward might be in this special situation.

“If he has a great season, thanks to this unique situation, it’s very possible for him to get a Formula 1 drive. But 99% of the time out of this situation, if you look at what’s going on, you should always pass. Europe.”

More and more ground bridges

O’Ward made a leap across Europe before returning to the United States, and Newgarden hopes that in the future drivers’ arrival on the F1 via IndyCar will be easier.

“The chances of IndyCar switching to Formula 1 are increasing, because someone like Colton Herta could legally get into F1 without Andrety’s help adding him to Formula 1.”

“I think people should see Colton as a good driver. He’s at the peak of his young career and has proven that he has the ability to race at the top level.”

“Trying to get into Formula One USA and move forward, proving yourself in Indigor, then moving on to Formula 1 if you want. Staying in Indigore is now much easier if you want.”

Some “attractive situations” on F1

Newgarden does not want to join F1 at any cost and finds its place at Penske on IndyCar very interesting: “From my perspective of a 31-year-old who has been at IndyCar for 10 years, there are only a few attractive situations in F1.

“Take Caldon for example: if you have the opportunity with a three-year contract, that would be a great opportunity to bring him in and learn the racing style, tires and all the intricacies of Formula 1 racing.”

“It’s more important in many ways than a constructors’ championship and 20 steering wheels.

“Then the manufacturers really show what they can do with the technology, how relevant it is and how they can push these different topics forward. So, for me, that’s what Formula 1 is all about.

“But when I look at the IndyCar, it’s a cleaner game.

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