Airbus “disappointed” by Australia’s desire to replace helicopters

Plus de 440 NH90 de tous types ont été livrés à 14 pays. © EQRoy /

The good news kept coming For Airbus In recent months. The aircraft manufacturer has registered several orders, including Dubai Air Show. But it fell from a high this week. Australia ” has notified Airbus of its decision to launch a request for foreign military sales MRH90 can be replaced in the Armed Forces“, This Thursday, December 9, 2021 a spokesperson for the manufacturer pointed out.

His report partially confirms an information from the newspaper Australian. “We are disappointed by this announcement but We will be committed to fully supporting the MRH90 fleet In service in Australia, and our significant presence, more broadly, in the country, ” the spokesperson added. Mrh90, Aka Taipan, is an Australian version of Nh90. This multirole helicopter is in service with the French army under the name Gaiman. This is Produced by NH industries consortium, Composed of Airbus Helicopters, Italian Leonardo And Dutch Fokker.

Australia wants to replace helicopters with US equipment

More than 440 NH90s of all types have been delivered to 14 countries, according to the number deployed by mid-2021. The Canberra government has 47 Stitchers For his army and Navy. According to the Australian, she has decided to stop using them. He wants to replace them with American equipment, especially Lockheed Martin’s Black Hawk and Seahawk. It refers to 7 billion Australian dollars contract (4.4 billion euros).

This decision comes Within three months of a serious diplomatic crisis Brought with Paris. As a reminder, the Australian government had cancelled a major deal to buy 12 French submarines with a regular push for a value of 90 billion Australian dollars (55 billion euros). As part of this, Australia has chosen to replace US nuclear-powered submarines New alliance with Washington and London. The goal: dealing with growing strategic tensions between the United States and China in the Pacific.

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