Storm: What to do if a wild animal is in distress?

Storm: What to do if a wild animal is in distress?

Eunice storm blew across Belgium on Friday. Such a weather event has consequences for wildlife. Strong winds can distract birds and make them fall and take refuge in trees. With us, specialized centers come to the aid of these wild animals.

One of our team went to a wildlife treatment center in Odyssey. Especially young squirrels are collected in this place. Its nest did not withstand the strong winds on Friday evening. He was found on the ground and taken to the Greaves Center. “They are very tall in the trees, and when the trees go everywhere, they fall out of the nest. Because they are tube-shaped, entrance and exit nests. So if they are not well connected, if they do not like well, if they are too young, they will fall out of the nest. That’s what happened here“, Benedict Mascant, vice president of the” Birds Bay “Center, explains.

Some basic tips if you find wildlife

This Saturday morning, the little squirrel had already left the center to be picked up by a breeding family. If he’s alive today, it’s thanks to the good reactions of the people who found him. Benedict offers some advice on how to behave. “We need to keep them warm. On the back, place them on a warm towel and secure. In the shelter as pets. Do not try to give more food or drink because we can not give anything“, She notes.

Large winds can sometimes blow against windows or vehicles

Then we went to Coutisse (Andenne) and went to another wildlife care center. A manager oversees the feeding of a sick pigeon. Like other birds the pigeon can be disturbed by the speed of the wind. “Strong winds can sometimes blow against windows or vehicles. When strong winds blow they can sometimes mount themselves against the branches. Not all raptors feed, or very little, because they do not know how to hunt because there is a lot of wind.“Says Juliet Econamides, manager of Greaves D’Anten.

The first nests of the season cause weather problems. “The brown owls have already been born in some places, and all the columbines that breed throughout the year are already in the nest.“, Juliet explains. Conclusion: Little ones can end up on the ground in the woods or gardens.

So be careful when walking outside. If you find an injured animal, do not delay in bringing it back to a specialized center. The faster he is noticed, the more likely he is to survive.

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