Spectacular fossils discovered in Australia

fossiles Australie

What are these fossils?

These are Animal and plant residues He died several million years ago. Sometimes it happens that, under special conditions, they leave their seal on the rock : They say the image.

With a little luck, fossils can be found everywhere, even in France. But these new Australian fossils are exceptional, because It is very rare to find many, Also well preserved.

Find some photos of fossils discovered in Australia :

Where and when were they discovered?

These fossils were found near the town of Gulgong, Australia, In 2017. Their invention Kept secret, Thus no one will come to damage the site until experts complete their excavation work.

It was Nigel McGrath, a farmer, who warned the experts. He was removing pebbles in one of his plots when he realised it The stones bore strange traces. In his honor, scientists named the place “mcgrathes flat”.

Fossil Australia
Experts working on the mcgrathes Flat site. (© Salty Dingo/Australian Museum)

Why are these fossils amazing scientists?

Because they are So well preserved Those experts will be able to observe the most interesting details. For example, the head of this Fly still bears Pollen grains. So we can figure out what kind of plants she predated.

Fossil Australia
(© Michael freeze/University of Canberra)

This little fish Died in full digestion: the contents of his stomach Fossilized, And scientists can find out what he ate.

Fossil Australia
(© Salty Dingo/Australian Museum)

As nature has given us a photograph of what lived here 11 million years ago. Long before the appearance of the first men! It’s going to take experts back Years of research These fossils must tell us to understand everything…

Fossils Australia
This drawing shows the various plants and animals found in mcgrathes flat. 11 million years ago, this place was a tropical forest! (© Alex Boersma/Australian Museum)

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