Right wrong. Does Engie really import shale gas when its exploitation is banned in France?

The Communist presidential candidate, Fabian Russell, claims that France, through its NGO group, imports shale gas into national borders. Exploitation of this gas is now banned in France.

“France should stop importing US shale gas”. In the package CNews This Thursday, February 17, Fabian Russell, the Communist candidate for the presidency, said that the United States was using the Ukrainian crisis to sell what it called the “mother rock case.” According to the PCF candidate, France imports this gas through Engie, while its exploitation is banned in the national territory. The Communist candidate continued, “I officially request France to ban these tanker ships from sailing and dumping their goods in our country.”

Disclosure: France is in the process of importing American shale gas from us via the rest.

This technique is banned in France because of the pollution it creates.

I urge France to ban this import.CNEWS pic.twitter.com/5By11yNjVS

– Fabien Roussel (abFabien_Roussel) February 17, 2022

Are Fabien Roussel’s words true? Answer Yes: The energy group Engie has been importing shale gas from hydraulic fractures to France since September 2021. Gas produced in Texas (USA) is transported by boat and landed at Grand-Port-Maritime of Nantes. Saint-Nazaire and its gas terminal Montoir-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique).

The “Mustang” deal

NGO Friends of the Earth The alarm went off in early December 2021. The structure states that Engie “secretly” signed a “mustang” agreement with the US company Cheniere on July 23. This document provides for the purchase of approximately one hundred liquefied gas (LNG) cargo vessels between 2021 and 2032. The worldThe volume of the transaction is estimated at $ 1.896 billion (over 1. 1.6 billion).

This prudent agreement was reviewed by the Board of Directors by Engie Management without going to the Board of Directors. Consequences: The state that will be the main shareholder of the group and holds 23.6% stake in Engie has not been notified of the signing of this agreement. However, the French energy supplier claims to have “followed the committee’s usual internal rules for approving a deal of this size.” The company estimates that “this agreement represents 2% of Engie’s planned gas supply by 2030”.

Shale gas: What are the rules in France?

France banned hydraulic fracturing in 2011. The process that makes shale gas extraction possible: “Exploration and exploitation by drilling liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon mines and hydraulic fracturing of rocks is prohibited nationally”. July 13, 2011 attests to the text of the Act.

In practice, the process aimed at decomposing rock in low-penetration geological systems has been severely criticized. This is a technique that consumes a large amount of water. In addition, according to many experts, groundwater is polluted by injected chemicals.

However, the law does not prohibit the import of this gas into the national territory, even if it is collected by hydraulic breakdown. One way, like Norway and Portugal, to avoid legal framework.

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