Francis Ford Coppola still hoping to direct his pharaonic film “megalopolis”

The director of” the godfather ” confirmed his intention to put the forty-year-old idea into films. Even if he had to pay himself $ 120 million.

Looks like this Napoleon Stanley Kubrick never produced, or as Siege of Leningrad From Sergio Leone: outdoor projects, plans of a lifetime for seasoned filmmakers that will never see the light of day. Megalopolis, By Francis Ford Coppola, is so far part of this cursed fellowship. However, In a recent interview Q. J. V., New York the director continues and signs off: he wants to shoot.

Started in the 80s, the scene is unclear. He will narrate a love story in a big city, a megalopolis, giving the film its name. For Coppola “a new Rome” takes us back to our time. But beyond the machinations, the project should open the horizon of its audience.

“In the new year, rather than discussing the fact that you have stopped carbohydrates, I want us to discuss a question, which is this: is only the society we live in within our limits? Let it be discussed”.

Long succession of business failures

The enormity of the scope commensurate with the difficulties Francis Ford Coppola experienced to finance. Already departing at the end of the 80s, he had to wait. In 2000, before dipping things the wrong way for the Italian-American on September 11, there were whispers that the film was going to find its funding.

He continues to have a stormy relationship with the financiers of the Californian mountains.

“When I won five Oscars and was the most important Director in the city, I was walking around Apocalypse Now Under the arm saying that I would like to achieve this next. But I have the propertyApocalypse Now. Do you know why? Because nobody wants it. So you can imagine how the studios are behaving now, seeing how they reacted when I won everything and broke all the records,” he points out Q. J. V..

Although Hollywood opened its doors to him in 1972 The Godfather Following its continuation in 1974, the monument du Cinema is again successful Secret conversation That same year, winning a Palme d’or. But the failure of his script Gatsby The Magnificent And the obvious ambition shown Apocalypse Now Keep it out of funds.

Thus he would pay for his films himself: after the success of his adaptation Conrad, He feels Favorite In 1982, By His personal production company American Zoetrope set up with George Lucas in 1969. This film, a major commercial failure, will ruin it, despite one of the largest budgets in history.

$ 120 million self-financing

Francis Ford looking to bring to life not enough to calm Coppola Megalopolis: He announced that he intends to invest $ 120 million received from his own fund. It must be said that the man has made a fortune again, this time in the vineyard. He bought his first plots in 1973, and expanded his estate to produce luxury wines in California.

At the age of 82, the artist and father of two directors, Sophia and Roman, are therefore well on his way to hitting the mark. “I’m dedicated to making this film and I want to do it in the fall of 2022,” he said last year.

He reportedly contacted several actors for a luxury performance: Oscar Isaac, Zendaya, Forest Whitaker, Jon Voight, James Caan… Whitaker will be tipped for the role of a politician, and Isaac is an architect, responsible for projects in the city. Cate Blanchett, who is part of Short list, Pointed to a solid start to the project, in January a Interview for Variety.

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