Disney heiress slams company’s pay practices in new documentary

Disney heiress slams company's pay practices in new documentary

Released on 20 February 2022

She is the granddaughter of a co-founder of the Walt Disney Company, but isn’t always proud to bear the group’s name. Abigail Disney Co-directed a documentary on the situation of amusement park employees, offering a minimum wage without managing to live decently. It attacks the culture of large companies that seek to increase their profits without worrying about the vital needs of their employees.

He said,” Look here.” Abigail Disney, granddaughter of the Roy Disney Co-founder of the mickey empire with her brother Walt, had written a long series of tweets to express her strong dissatisfaction with the group’s leaders when they decided to lay off several thousand employees of leisure parks when lockdowns were decided. From this situation, which he considered unfair, Abigail Disney decided to make a documentary, with co-director Kathleen Hughes, to show the situation of these employees of large American companies, who, despite their full-time jobs, are struggling to make ends meet.

Titled” The American Dream and other fairy tales, ” the documentary premiered at the popular 2022 Sundance Independent Film Festival at the end of January. He will now tour the festivals,for a release to the general public that the production company expects at the end of the year. It follows Abigail Disney, who goes to meet employees of Disneyland and Disneyworld, an amusement parks in the United States. And the successor who owns shares in the group, but has no executive function, has fallen out of favor. She was well aware of the social problems in the group,”But I don’t know how“, He says in an interview with Variety magazine.

Corporate culture change

He thus reveals that one scene in the documentary specifically shocked him. In an anonymous room, he interviews a dozen Disney employees sitting around him. “Do you have someone who depends on the Food Bank for food or do you know?” ; “Do you have someone who has difficulties getting medical insurance or do you know?” ; “Do you or you know someone who has to sleep in his car?“For every question, almost everyone present raises their hands.

The minimum hourly wage has been raised to $15 at Disney. A little glimmer of hope for Abigail Disney, too “Staff had to fight to get it“, Recalled Kathleen Hughes in Variety. But at the other end of the scale, the group’s executives continue to enjoy some of the highest-paid in the United States. According to the NGO as you Sow, Robert Iger, the former president of the Walt Disney Company, was fifth among the highest-paid CEOs in the United States in 2021, with the share ratio (the gap between executive compensation compared to the lowest salary) the highest.

Abigail Disney calls for more regulation on minimum wages, but also for changing the corporate culture that has become a reality “Legal kleptocracy“, In which everyone seeks to increase their personal profit at full cost. A change he believes is possible is that some executives, such as PayPal or Salesforce, are, in his view, close to the concerns of their employees.

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