2015 to 2016

2015 to 2016

Negotiations, long-planned, possible free trade agreement (FTA) ntre theAustralia And the EU has been postponed, after a furore over Canberra’s decision to cancel a major deal, a European official said on Friday 1 October Submarines French. “F.”D. The Serie A Trading round has been postponed for a month until November,” an EU official in Canberra told AFP, casting doubt on the future of the far-reaching deal.

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan, who was due to travel to Europe for talks, read out the decision in a statement to AFP. “We understand France’s reaction to our decision on submarines, but at the end of the day any nation must act for its national benefit – and this is what Australia has done,” he said.

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Dan Tehan said he plans to meet EU trade commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis next week. “We will continue to prepare for the 12th round of negotiations and work towards a free trade agreement that is in the interests of Australia and the EU,” he said.

Last month, Australia broke off a deal to buy twelve French submarines with a regular push for a value of 90 billion Australian dollars (55 billion euros) without warning, choosing instead to buy US-designed nuclear-powered ships. The decision caused a major diplomatic conflict with France, which publicly said it could no longer trust the Australian government, accusing officials of lying and questioning the continuation of the trade deal.

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The EU is Australia’s third largest trading partner. In 2020, trade in goods between the two economies was estimated at 36 billion euros and 26 billion euros for services. The next round of negotiations is to focus on areas such as trade, services, investment and intellectual property rights.

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