Les versions 100 de Chrome et Firefox pourraient bloquer l'affichage de sites et de services Internet. © Joshua Woroniecki

Why the advent of Chrome 100 and Firefox 100 is rocking the internet

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[EN VIDÉO] The first computer error in history
System bugs are just as old as the computer. The first error in history predates 1947. Since then, crashes affecting our devices have been common and have caused some catastrophic consequences.

Updated almost monthly firefox And Chromium Celebrating their 100th soonAnd Version. Currently, Firefox is on 97And Version Chrome has already crossed the 98 milestoneAnd Version. That means at the current rate, in the spring, both will blow their 100 candles. Aside from any setbacks, it is scheduled for Chrome on March 29th and May 3rd firefox.

However, for some site editors it does not have to be a party … in fact, Bleeding computer Reports say that Mozilla is already anticipating this move to version 100, and the problem is, some of the most popular sites no longer work! Our colleagues are Yahoo! No longer displayed like Eurosport Player and Slack. Instead, an error message explaining that the site does not support the browser used. Full list Errors Available at This page.

Three digit problem

The reason for this hiccup compared to that Year 2000 error ? This three digit number is: 100. In fact, when you access the website with a browser, a ComputerTablet or Cell phone, The server must identify the site to display it correctly. This is the function User Agent (AU) It detects the browser editor (Mozilla, Safari, Opera …), its Rendering machine (Apple Webkit, Gecko) So its version.

Depending on the “ID card” of the browser, the server will provide the most appropriate version of the website. For example, if you are browsing from a mobile, the server will display a compatible version for mobile, not a thumbnail version of that version Computer. The problem is, this function is not designed for three-digit numbers.

Incidentally, it was not originally designed for two-digit numbers, and when browsers first hit version 10 12 years ago, many Problems Found, fixed soon. At home firefox, Like Chrome we anticipated the problem and many trials are underway; On the side Google, We guarantee that most of the defects have been fixed. But, as some remain, it is necessary to find an unstoppable march.

Two marches are planned

So every browser developer has a B program just like Mozzilla writes His blog. In Chrome, this adds an indicator to set the version to 99 and reports the actual large version number called the “minor” part of the string. User Agent. While waiting to find a permanent solution, it will almost certainly be version 99.100.

On the Firefox page, the strategy is different because you can adjust the site not displayed when you fly. Basically, if the server fails to provide version 100, the renderer will automatically switch to version 99.

And the edge of all this? Like the browser Microsoft Based on Chromium, used on the same machine ChromiumIt will also be affected by this bug and if not fixed by then you can upgrade to version 99.100 to avoid any issues.

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