In the United States, a pregnant woman stole jewelry from a store, according to a CCTV camera

In the United States, a pregnant woman stole jewelry from a store, according to a CCTV camera

In the world of viral news, incidents involving delivery drivers are ubiquitous. Some chapters contain positive actions and gestures, while others depict unpleasant truths that are difficult to digest. Various cases of delivery drivers have recently gone viral, ranging from saving the life of a stranger to stealing a customer’s property. The latest video, which has gone viral, shows the delivery driver engaging in a better and more backward theft.

The delivery driver could have escaped the theft without a care in the world without the store-mounted CCTV cameras. Footage taken at the beauty salon and small business Aloha Lash Girl in Bismo Beach, California, captures the moment when the door dash delivery woman enters to deliver an order, but very subtly picks up the jewelry and leaves the store. Business owner Meleana Soderquist posted a video of the incident on TikTok, which went viral on other sites as well.

The midwife, wearing a gray shirt and without a mask, was seen entering with the hand that Mrs. Soderquist had purchased. She has no sandals. She placed the order, exchanged pleas and stood to inspect the items on display. When the door dash driver noticed that there were no other staff in the area, she quietly picked up a piece of jewelry that emerged. According to the Daily Dot, he is said to have taken a necklace from the company. She said “thank you” to Soderkist and walked away.

When the video was released on Dictok, Soderkist identified himself as Carson, the delivery driver. A DoorDash spokesman said the driver’s account had been canceled. Soderkist also said a cat wandered into Carson’s car.

Speaking to the Daily Tot, Tordash condemned the delivery driver’s actions and said he valued the safety of his community. “We have confirmed our support by contacting the client and will assist the forensic police in any investigation into this incident,” Tordash said in a statement.

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