Canberra lockdown extended by a month due to covid-19

Canberra's prison term extended by one month due to Govt-19

Since the start, of the pandemic, Australia has recorded more than 75,000 cases of Covid-19 and more than 1,100 deaths.

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Canberra limited until mid-October announced on Tuesday September 14 lE Andrew Barr, head of government of the Australian Capital Territory. The city of about 400,000 people was forced to stay at home a month after a first case of covid-19 was discovered. At the moment, the outbreak linked to the Delta variant remains limited, with 252 active cases to date and 276 cured. This decision “Safe way. It will make a Christmas, summer holiday and risk-free 2022 Year possible”, Andrew Barr said at a news conference.

Nearly 53% of over-16s in this territory have received two doses of the vaccine, the highest rate in the country, which has been hit by the outbreak of the pandemic in several regions for three months. The vaccination campaign has accelerated in recent months, particularly among millions of people confined to Australia’s southeast, such as Sydney and Melbourne, two of the most populous cities. State and federal leaders agreed last week on a national roadmap for lifting restrictions and reopening borders when the proportion of fully vaccinated people reaches between 70 and 80 percent.

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