The “average” value of the six EPR2s is estimated at .7 51.7 billion

The first EPR2 implementation is “planned for 2037”, according to a government audit released on Friday.

The cost of developing a project for six new-generation EPR2 nuclear reactors is estimated at .7 51.7 billion, excluding financial costs, which would add up to 6 4.6 billion if there are difficulties in implementation, a government report released Friday said. EDF raised fifty billion for its share.

Ordering the first EPR2 “Planned for 2037“, According to the report, based on two external audits”The EDF estimates the total construction period of about 25 years, the operating life of the furnaces, and 60 years from the time they are commissioned.“.

Project “not yet finalized”

Industrial Construction ProjectNot finalized yet, there are technical and economic uncertainties“And”The cost of a project like its schedule cannot be fully guaranteed“However, Matignon underscores the statement and the website of the Ministry of Environmental Change.

The report also mentions the waste problem created by this project. “The waste generated by the new EPR2 type furnaces is similar to that already produced by the operation of the current fleet.“, He mentions. About the fate of most radiation,”At this point, no barriers to their reception have been identified at the Cigéo Center“, According to the report, is the deepest geological storage site under construction in Muse.

However, it will be necessaryTo fix», Or evenIf necessary, strengthen or complete large-scale operationsபராமரிப்பு Maintenance strategy for Sigio’s underground structures, depending on monitoring results and site operation period. President Emmanuel Macron recently announced plans for six new generation EPR2 reactors in Belfort. A review for eight more copies is included.

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