Richard Gere wanted to save Tibet, he broke his life

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American Gigolo, Officer and gentlemen Or else Beautiful girl. Between the 80s and 90s, Richard Kerr continued to see headlines for the most popular American films. Since 1982, the actor is also known for his commitment to Tibet and has converted to Buddhism. His faith appeared in the 70s when he made a trip to Asia and discovered China’s brutal machinations towards the Tibetan people. In 1987, he co-founded the Tibet House Association in New York and continues to be involved today, though his presence in Hollywood is rare.

How to explain that in the mid-2000s, after a successful career and a Golden Globe for Best Actor, the actor suddenly disappeared from red carpets Chicago In 2003? When he has just published the article Red carpet: Hollywood, China and the global battle for cultural supremacy (Untranslated in English), American journalist Erich Schwartzel Returned to the site’s columns Airmail During this time Richard Gere went from a-list to Hollywood blacklist.

Red card

According to him, a film was a turning point in the actor’s life. In 1997, Richard Gere became the headliner of Red Corner, Directed political thriller John Avnet. During the promotion of the film, the actor explains that he “wants to change the world” with this film. Hollywood doesn’t see it the same: its release coincides with the arrival of the Chinese President Jiang Zemin At the White House. Censored in the Middle Kingdom, the thriller failed at the US box office with only $ 22 million in receipts.


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