Nicole Kidman sexy in mini skirt and crop top … At 54, he reveals his dream body and reminds us of the movie ” Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman sexy in mini skirt and crop top ... At 54, he reveals his dream body and reminds us of the movie " Moulin Rouge

Nicole Kidman reveals herself sexier than ever on cover of 28th issue Hollywood issue American version Vanity Fair. The 54-year-old star is reviving a glittering schoolgirl skirt in its mini version. She puts on a signed creation Miu Miu From the Spring-Summer 2022 collection. The gray fabric is superimposed on a white yoke, as if slightly narrowed and torn on the trigger of a scissor kick. Enough to create a normal, gritty and youthful appearance.

This piece is tuned to a bralette designed in the same style. Signed by the Italian household, this crop top highlights his chest in a graphic way. Her look ends with a pair of high socks that adorn her calves. The ensemble is paired with sharp slingbacks loafers whose straps hug her heels.

Muscular belly, shapeless legs, golden skin and lascivious pose … Nicole Kidman flaunts the slender figure that has been her signature for years in Hollywood. He brings back from the Ashes the mysterious and sexy woman who hypnotized the public Moulin Rouge.

Vanity Fair The star explains:” He has held the keys to Hollywood for decades, and his latest role as Lucille Ball earned him a fifth Oscar. Yet after a 40-year career in film, appearing in more than 80 film and television projects, Nicole Kidman says she approaches each role as if she had graduated from a drama class. “My whole life has been to maintain that humility,” he says ».

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Many features

In an interview Express, Nicole Kidman opens up about the changes she makes to create certain roles: ” I want to change my look, like a lion, and do what I need for the role, it’s that simple. When I played the hours, I was 33 or 34, whereas Virginia Woolf, on the night of her life, was well into her fifties. I’ve always played with my looks. I embraced all looks, all ages. This is a way to assert my independence as a woman. I wish I could play everything. »

When asked ” To age well in Hollywood, should you move away from Hollywood? “, She replies:” I went to Nashville for love. […]That’s how I ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, country house and spicy chicken. Was it a wonderful place to raise my children? Absolutely. Because it’s a little oasis. A very rural place, I can relax to read, feed and recharge my batteries. Given the chaotic nature of some of my roles, my work can penetrate my soul and creep into my dreams. So I need a haven of peace that I can rebuild. That’s how I survive. I’m a very quiet person in life and I don’t go to parties… I’m lucky enough to be able to live a very rich fantasy life through my roles, and it allows me to exorcise a lot of things. But then I come home and I become a mum again. »

Miu Miu Spring-Summer 2022 collection ©Instagram

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