Rare baby ‘ghost shark’ discovered by scientists

Rare baby 'ghost shark' discovered by scientists

A rare species of fish nicknamed the “Ghost Shark” has been discovered in New Zealand. An invention that allows us to better understand these animals in depth.

A rare invention. Scientists in New Zealand have discovered a baby giant called Simera, also known as the ‘Ghost Shark’. CNN. It is difficult to find this species close to sharks and rats because you have to go to a depth of more than 1200 meters to see them.

These demonic sharks are part of the cartilaginous fish family. Their embryos feed on the egg yolk until they hatch.

“We can be sure that the ghost shark’s stomach is full of egg yolks, which has recently hatched,” he encourages. Was contacted Britt Finucci is a researcher who is part of the team behind the discovery.

Different color from adults

He also says that most species of deep-sea sharks like this are first called adults. “Newborn babies are rarely found, so not much is known about them,” he explains.

At first glance, we notice that the appearance of this baby is significantly different from that of adults, especially when one color is significantly different. According to Britt Finucci, this discovery makes it possible to better understand the function of this “mysterious group of deep-sea fish”.

These animals are so hard to observe that it took scientists until 2016 to photograph them for the first time. Again, this is a coincidence because the robot that captured the images must have been used by geologists.

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