Moroccan Freterium has raised $ 4 million for its inventory management software

Moroccan Freterium has raised $ 4 million for its inventory management software

In Africa and the Middle East, most companies in the freight sector use more outdated methods to manage their exports. A start-up based in Morocco has raised $ 4 million nationwide and around the world to provide exclusive inventory management software to integrate them into their entire shipping ecosystem that reduces time and costs.

According to Technology crisis, Which dedicated an article this week, led by US fund Bordeaux, CDG Invest, Y Combinator, Flexport, Swiss Founder Fund, Outlier Ventures and some angel investors from the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. The same source recalls that data collected from SaaS solutions to manage the flow of these exports, domestic collaboration with various corporate sectors such as sales, customer service, finance and accounting, and the ERP (corporate resource planning) of many organizations are rare.

“We create a logistics operating system that allows shippers, our customers, to manage all their domestic shipments in a single interface. Therefore, we connect companies, individuals and technologies across the logistics value chain,” said Freterium CEO Mehdi Cherif Alami. Is a transportation management software for shipping exporters that enables collaboration between multiple companies. But, most importantly, there is no site. So we have a neutral software that plays well with everyone. In that sense, it is possible Switzerland is a country of logistics, “he added.

The media recalls that Friederium was launched in 2020 with the aim of developing a “holistic approach to addressing key challenges in the freight sector”, backed by an American company that provided early funding to startups Y Combinator (YC).

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