Has the number of girls studying math in high school decreased?

«Nous étions arrivés, en terminale S, à 48% de filles. Il semble qu'avec la réforme (du bac, NDLR), le pourcentage de jeunes filles qui ont choisi de faire des mathématiques plus intensives ait dégringolé à 10%. En deux ans, on a perdu 20 ans d'efforts», selon le mathématicien Jean-Paul Bourguignon.

Testing process – Jean-Michel Blanker, who rejected the criticisms of mathematician Jean-Paul Borgunan, who qualified as “fake news”, confirms that 48.1% of women chose the specialty “mathematics”.

Question. The question was raised on February 13th France Inter Regarding the decline in the proportion of young women choosing math in high school, the Minister of Education denied any decline, citing the 2019 undergraduate reform.FancySentence by mathematician Jean-Paul Bourguignon. On January 21, on the same radio station, the expert of Differential Geometry, president of the French Mathematical Society (SMF), sounded the alarm: “We arrived at Terminal S with 48% women. It seems with reform (Backerate, from author note) The percentage of young women who choose more intensive math has dropped to 10%. In two years, we lost 20 years of effort“.

One sentence “FakeJean-Michel Blanker insisted. “The figure is 48.1%. We are in a world of fake news and expect fully verified information from the world of mathematics and science.“, He added. Since January 25, there has been a strong renewal following the cries of mathematical associations and learned communities warning of the negative impact of undergraduate reform on discipline. What exactly is it?”

Cheque. In 2019, the last

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