Golden Bear " Alcarràs– - Catalan returns to Carla Simón for release

Golden Bear ” Alcarràs– – Catalan returns to Carla Simón for release

The filmmaker, who was announced as one of the favourites in Berlin, won the top award with a film about the collapse of a farming family, was forced to give up his farm in Spain. Claire Denis’s very single “Avec Amour ET acharement” gets the Friday bear.

It was the end of a beautiful Berlinale, with a programme as exciting and demanding as the path to finding it tough, seeded Schneltests Days after days (screening tests sometimes only contain the name) and all sorts of Kafkaesque dangers.

It is Catalan Carla Simón who left the Golden Bear Alcarràs, A solar Chronicle about the collapse of the rural economy in the beautiful arboreal region that gives the film its name. Three generations of the same family came together before they were able to seize their lands and live there last summer. Very soon after its presentation, the film was presented as one of the major contenders competing for the supreme award. This is the filmmaker’s second feature film, a name to be closely followed from the beginning and already significant Summer 93 In 2017.

Friday Bear returns to French Claire Denis With love and hard work, A rigorous and exciting adaptation of a novel by Christine Angot. Regarding this anatomy of the couple and its decay in prostitution (with Juliette Binoche, Vincent Linden and Gregoire Colin as a beloved trio), predictions were well underway and, in particular, illustrative prices were expected. A parallel jury in 2001 except for a note Excellent work, The filmmaker has never won an award at Berlinale. French cinema, which is much better represented this year, seems to have established its wealth at the top of the international awards from 2021 (after a Golden Lion and a Palme d’or Tricolours double last year), and these two awards distinguish two female directors, in the correct order of Audrey Diwan in Venice and Julia ducornau in Cannes.

Hong Chang-soo awarded

With obvious flavor, the rest of the list rewards Hong Chang-soo with a grand jury prize Novelist’s film, Berlinale and a regular at its awards (already the recipient of the best director award in 2020 Woman who ran away And Best Screenplay in 2021 Introduction). It was at the end of the festival that the prolific Corriere unveiled a new and dazzling black-and-white variation on his familiar instruments, a mix of chance encounters, drunken chats and creation in abaim (here, a novelist decides to switch to directing), along with his favourite actress Kim Min-Hee.

The jury led by Night Shyamalan would not have distinguished the beautiful Chinese film Return to dust, The other pastor on the disappearance of a traditional peasant, which closes in a scene akin to a Catalan laureate – the jaws of a bulldozer in a looted Eden. However this list coincides with the most exciting or serious innovations of the competition. If the question was essentially Claire Denis or Carla Simón who would take first place, the jury would have chosen the most enveloping image and the least hair-raising of the two. A Golden Bear With love and hard work The star system and experiments would have been so inspiring to the integrity of a filmmaker who never stopped working the kind of escape line that converses. Golden BearAlcarràs Rewards a film that combines well in the word’s great meaning and commitment to a social subject that doesn’t detract from the sensitivity of the filmmaker. But we’ll get to it more fully in our full review tomorrow…

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