Elon Musk's guinea pigs die in 'high pain'

Elon Musk’s guinea pigs die in ‘high pain’

The video science player playing the pager monkey video game stunned the audience And the school of thought that supports the use of technology to improve physical and physiological abilities signifies amazing progress in the inhuman humanities.

In the latest news, in early December, Elon Musk plans to test fit in humans in 2022, after lengthy testingDuring this time the implants are shown to be safe in monkeys and can be easily removed.

Neuralink fights back

One argument was defeated by scientists Panel of Physicians for Responsible Medicine, Who complained to Neuralink about animal abuse. According to the association, 16 of the 23 monkeys “died in extreme distress during the experiment, as a result of inadequate treatment of the animals and the highly invasive nature of the brain implants during the experiment,” according to the association’s veterinary reports.

In question, a mysterious “bioclue” was used, which was taken from animals suffering from epileptic seizures and facial trauma, destroying parts of the brain and screwing on the head.

In all, less than nine texts of U.S. law have been violated by Elon Musk, his company Neuralink, and the University of California at Davis, according to the group of physicists responsible for medicine. .

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