Appointed Creative Director at Tremain Emory Supreme

Appointed Creative Director at Tremain Emory Supreme

Denim Tears designer James Zephia is set to join the brand, just days before the release of his Spring / Summer 2022 collection scheduled for February 17th.

After working for nine years at Marc Jacobs’ home, he continued to form a diverse creative team. No vacant accommodation But Denim tears (His sportswear brand, which continues to collaborate with Lewis, Asix and New Balance), Dreamine Emory is now preparing to co-create with Supreme.

James Zebia’s brand has announced an insane collaboration with American caravan brand Airstream, thus welcoming a designer who has been talking about him for some time across the Atlantic into its rankings.

A big challenge

If he has already rubbed his shoulders with big names like streetwear and rap through his expansive No Vacancy Inn project, the Atlanta native is set to take on a bigger challenge at Supreme Company: continuing to create a brand that has begun to grow desirably. Shortness of breath (sometimes) boring collaborations.

The visionary designer was also particularly recognized for his contributions around the Black Lives Matter movement or association. Every mother countsThe New York Skate brand seeks to transcend its values ​​and promote African-American culture and creativity.

More than a year after the acquisition of US company VF Corporation for $ 2.1 billion, the Supreme Court is marking a significant turning point in its history with this appointment. While Tremaine Emory continues to expand its influence in the fashion world, it has a dual responsibility to ensure the brand’s place as a world leader in streetwear.

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