48% free performance gain for 64 bits

The official Raspberry Pi operating system, Raspberry Pi OS, is finally 64-bit, which brings a significant performance boost, for free!

Raspberry Pi: 48% free performance gain for 64 bits

After a very long testing phase (beta released in May 2020!), The Raspberry Pi Foundation finally released it on February 2nd. The official 64-bit version of the Raspberry Pi OS. 32 to 64 bits high, allowing a process to use more than 3 GB of RAM, but above all it guarantees performance gain “Free“Performance testing was carried out last week by Phoronix, which releases automation software A series of tests Measure the achievements achieved.

Second Free Performance Incentive

He revealed that the latest Raspberry Pi 400 with 4 GB RAM with Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit is on average 48% more efficient than the Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit. Gain for example 16% for rotating an image, 30% for encrypting MP3, 13% for executing Python language and 54% for PHP.

These miniature computers are not rocket ships, so any performance stimulus is noticeable and welcome. Another power boost was provided by the Foundation in November. He took advantage of the upgrade to the Raspberry Pi OS (formerly Raspian) Debian 11 Bullseye. Go from 1.5 to 1.8 GHz (+ 20%) CPU frequency of the latest hardware fix for Raspberry Pi 4. Both updates will definitely improve the feature Use Raspberry Pi 4 (back-up) as a computer.

The $ 15 Raspberry Pi Zero 2W is 64-bit compatible.  Credit: Raspberry Pi

The $ 15 Raspberry Pi Zero 2W is 64-bit compatible. Credit: Raspberry Pi

32-bit resistances

Unfortunately, Raspberry Pi OS 32 bits is the default version of Raspberry Pi Imager, the official software for installing Raspberry Pi operating systems. So the 64-bit version is reserved for the most intelligent people who will think about what to choose. He may already know that the right version, Ubuntu, Manzaro or Raspberry Pi has 64-bit Linux distributions. DietPi.

The foundation explains that it wants to increase compatibility between its different models. In fact, these computers have a 64-bit architecture from the Raspberry Pi 3 in 2016, but the foundation is still marketing and producing the first Raspberry Pis.

How to benefit

On the other hand, one can hope that the release of the official 64-bit version will soon benefit distributions derived from the Raspberry Pi OS.OSMCIt converts Raspberry Pi into a media player with Cody, or RetrobiIt turns the raspberry bag into a retro game console.

If you want to get 64 bits of raspberry pie in this time of scarcity, we recommend the site rpilocatorIt monitors the availability of several retailers, including the main authorized French retailer, குபியி. If you already have a Raspbian or Raspberry Pi OS with a 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS, unfortunately the installation cannot be updated from 32 to 64 bits, you will need to perform a new installation.

Since its launch in 2012, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been providing entry-level computers to provide computer access for the first time, especially in schools. The success of the small card since then
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