The taskbar is being upgraded, Android apps are coming, and a list of new features for February 2022

Windows 11 is ranked fifth and is enriched with new features. The February 2022 update makes it possible to enjoy Android apps and the Amazon App Store, while improving the taskbar. But that’s not all, because Microsoft has reviewed and edited its media player and its notepad. Come on, let’s go, let’s go around the owner.

Windows 11 Android Apps

We knew it for a few days: A newer version Windows 11 Microsoft was about to announce. We already got a glimpse of it through the excellent management of the dual screen and taskbar, but the Redmond editor did not say everything. Android applications are no longer reserved for Windows Insider users as they have finally arrived in the final version of Windows 11. But that’s not all.

Briefly, here is a list of new features for Windows 11 for February 2011:

  • Android app and Amazon Appstore support (US only)
  • Taskbar development
  • New version of the media player
  • New version of Notepad

But now let’s look at these weird innovations in detail.

The Amazon Appstore and Android apps are officially available on Windows 11

Here they are finally officially, famous Android applications for Windows 11. Until then, I was able to take advantage of it by installing a preview of the operating system. The Amazon Appstore and Android apps are now available in the latest finalized version of Windows 11. However, this feature is currently only available in the United States and will soon be available in other parts of the world.

Microsoft claims to have added more than 1,000 games and apps to its Amazon Appstore. The app can now be accessed from the Microsoft Store. There are apps like Audible, Subway Surfers, Kindle. To use the Amazon Appstore and its applications on Windows 11, launch the app, go to the library icon at the bottom left of the interface, and click the Update button to update the Microsoft Store.

The taskbar is improving

The Windows 11 taskbar is packed with new features. Disabling sound or reactivating it has never been easier: In Windows 11, it is now possible to disable Microsoft arrays using the icon in the taskbar. Windows 11 makes it easy to share windows with contacts. Remember that you must have a work or school account to use these new functions.

Another innovation: while the taskbar icons are centered, the left side of the latter now provides the weather icon. It is always enough to monitor the weather without overloading the right part of the taskbar (which is already very crowded).

Finally, as we said a few days ago, The date and time will now be displayed on all taskbars When you have two screens. On the other hand, we may regret the lack of various drag and drop functions. As in previous versions of Windows, Microsoft has not yet reintroduced the possibility of dragging the file into the application icon on the taskbar to open its contents directly. A projected return however.

Windows Media Player and Notepad get a makeover

Microsoft is releasing new versions of two applications using the latest version of Windows 11: both Media Player and Notepad with new design and new features. Let’s start with Windows Media Player. If it’s been ridiculed for a long time because of its “gas factory” side, Microsoft is currently doing everything it can to simplify it. Using an easy-to-understand interface and a less busy side menu makes it much easier to manage your music library and start video. The short video below proves this well:

Also benefits from modifying the notepad. The application now utilizes Dark Mode to simplify the search for possible actions from the simplified menus. Finally, changes made to a document can be undone in many cases.

To use the February 11 update of Windows 11, nothing will change: you just need to go to System Settings (press the keys at the same time). [Windows] + [I]) Click Windows Update and enable Update Search. Overall update KB5010414 should appear. Click the download and install button and you’re done. Note that you will also need to update the applications affected by this update via the Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 update February 2022

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