Netflix Announces Drive to Survive Season 4 Release Date

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Drive To Survive on the Netflix product followed the 2021 season of Formula 1, just like the previous 3 seasons. So it will be available on March 11 at 9am French time. The first rounds of the 2022 season in Bahrain are exactly one week away.

However, if the production teams were able to track down all the drivers and teams throughout the year, they would not be able to trust the presence of Max Verstappen, who refused to take part in the sports documentary.

Last October, he announced that he no longer wanted to be interviewed as part of filming following the “manipulations” they had shown in previous seasons:

They will find a lot of things. They have created competitions that don’t really exist. So I do not interview with them anymore. They can’t use anything. I’m not the only one who has staged my life for the show. I love facts and truth.

Prost – A severe blow to the American company as the Dutchman gave a memorable fight with Sir Lewis Hamilton, who deserved the Senna match. It was a fight we had to wait until the last round to know the outcome of the last Grand Prix.

Netflix can still use F1 footage to show the current world champion. Must be accompanied by his rival Louise Hamilton.

In short

Netflix announced the release date of its “Drive to Survive” product on its platform on March 11, a week before the start of the 2022 season. Max Verstappen will be coming in big from this season 4 and he will be in the world. Champion at the end of the documentary.

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