Justice imposes the teaching of Islam in schools

Justice imposes the teaching of Islam in schools

The Murcia region has a strong Muslim community of estimated 100,000, with about 22,291 students enrolled in public schools that are not eligible for Islamic education. The injustice was rectified by a Mursi court that ruled in favor of a Spaniard from Cartagena who had converted to Islam for 12 years, the author of a complaint filed by his children against this discrimination against the Ministry of National Education last June. Victims.

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The judges ruled that the applicant’s children should receive “Islamic education” in accordance with the provisions of Act 26/1992. “I want my son [de 11 ans] They have the same rights as other children, “the complainant said in a statement to the Onda Region de Murcia, denouncing” Islamic hatred “, inequality and” leaders who run it because of the lack of tolerance in the school “.

The judge noted in his ruling that the right to Islamic education should not be exercised only for the plaintiff’s children and, by law, should be sought in all centers where there are parents of at least 10 students. The Ministry of Education may appeal to the Supreme Court against this decision.

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According to agreements signed by the government of Philippe Gonzalez with religious minorities in 1992, “School authorities must guarantee Muslim students whose parents demand the right to Islamic education in public and private institutions.” The lesson will be taught by professors appointed by the Islamic Commission of Spain, according to a plan published in the Official Gazette (BOE) of March 14, 2016.

According to the Islamic Commission, there are 312,498 Muslim students enrolled in Spain, of whom 179,357 are immigrants. A report by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, under the Ministry of Defense, argues that Islamic education “enables the proper exercise of the right to freedom of religion and the elimination of extremism.”

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