Anti-Govt + Struggle: WHO promises 116 countries backward

Anti-Govt + Struggle: WHO promises 116 countries backward

Speaking at a global action meeting against Covid 19, AG Tetros said, “In some countries, high vaccine coverage with low intensity of omigran leads to a false story, thus ending the epidemic. .
Add: “We can control the epidemic this year, but we run the risk of wasting this opportunity. Currently, 116 countries are far from reaching the common goal of vaccinating 70% of each country’s population by the middle of this year.
In this sense, thanks to the ACT Accelerator, an international mechanism for accessing tools to fight Covit-19, its COVAX component and our partnership with UNICEF, we are now overcoming some obstacles.
To vaccinate the world, “we call on all nations to support the 70% global goal set by the WHO,” AG Tetros suggested, urging all countries to contribute to the funding of the ACT accelerator, especially US $ 16 billion for immediate needs.
According to the WHO boss, developing local vaccine production capabilities around the world, including temporary intellectual property discounts for Covit-19 equipment, will “help end this epidemic and ensure the safety of all of us.”
It should be noted that the WHO expects the “severe phase” of the Covid 19 epidemic to end this year, given that 70% of the world’s population will be vaccinated in mid – June or mid – July. .

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