A new option soon to avoid duplicate notifications on your smartphone and computer

A new option soon to avoid duplicate notifications on your smartphone and computer

Gmail benefits from a new option that is currently being tested. This allows you to pause mobile notifications when you are actively using Google’s browser-based email client. A great idea for those who are tired of receiving notifications on multiple devices at once …


Gmail on PC // Source: Unsplash Solen Feyissa

Google It is constantly testing new features for its various applications. After receiving Improving the Gmail interface, Mountain View has also decided to test the new feature. Its purpose is to control the growing number of announcements on different devices. This is a very useful option that allows notifications to be paused Gmail On your smartphone when using Email Client On the computer. You can enable or disable this option as you wish.

Option to avoid duplicate notifications

Google has not contacted Upstream about this new feature or has announced that it is in the testing phase. 9 to 5 Google However, I was able to test it directly on my Gmail Workspace account. By opening the client Gmail In the browser, a window opens, for you “Pause mobile notifications when using this device“.


Pop-up window in Gmail // Source: 9to5 Google

By clicking Continue, the user agrees that the device, therefore, recognizes the browser when the system is in active use. Once enabled by Gmail, this permission cannot be revoked directly in Mail Client Options. This must be done from the browser. As for the accounts, this new option will only work Chromium.

It is difficult to know what the deployment schedule planned by Google is, but it is hoped that this functionality will soon be available in all browsers. However, this was not the case during the testing of Chrome and Firefox on Frandroid.

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