What can you expect from the “reliable information” promised by this Google News competitor?

What can you expect from the "reliable information" promised by this Google News competitor?

From Tuesday, February 15, Meta will launch Facebook News in France, which is dedicated to all types of news and is created with popular French media. A way to recover virginity and after many accusations, even allowed to spread false news.

Facebook News arrives in France on Tuesday

Facebook News arrives in France on Tuesday // Source: Frandroid

The promised thing, the right thing. Facebook had promised to fight against Fake news Emphasis on True test And by strengthening the provision of reliable information to its users. The first point was solved over many years by creating a framework dedicated to information verification in collaboration with the mainstream French media (Le Monde, Liberation, AFP, L’Express, France Télevisions, 20 Minutes2) Review and verify the accuracy of thousands of pieces of information shared on the platform. Second Tuesday.

From February 15, Meta launches Facebook News in France, its Promised News Service ” Reliable and relevant“.”As part of Meta’s continued commitment to journalism and content creation, this new tab provides people with a unique place to find the most important stories, while ensuring the benefits of original media content for widespread distribution across the country. “ Mark Zuckerberg promises the team.

How to access Facebook messages?

The new message location will be grouped together in a tab in the Facebook app. The desktop version is not currently scheduled. The tab will allow you to view a wide range of articles. You just have to configure your settings to enjoy it. Between your profile and announcements, it will be at the top or bottom of your app (depending on whether you are on Android or iOS).

To take advantage of this, it will explicitly check if your application is up to date.

What does it look like?

Facebook messages are divided into several places. At the Offer and Space Center we will definitely find the latest articles that may be of interest to you and reflect current information (Popular News). Thematic categories (politics, international, economics, sports, entertainment, health, science and technology) will be offered. Collections, articles and videos (elections, sporting events, anniversaries, etc.) are like a kind of themed files on even more in-depth current topics.

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You can enjoy customization of the scene according to what you read, share or follow. The idea can not only give you comfort, but also give you the opportunity to discover other media. For this, control tools will be used to select the articles, subjects and media that you want to appear.

Who are the media partners?

APIG, in association with the Alliance of General Information Press, has announced more than a hundred potential media outlets. We have already seen the publishing articles ofFigaro, 20 minutes, The Parisian-today in France, La Croix, Les Ecos, L ஜsz Journal du Dimanche, Or local daily and weekly newspaper (La Dépche du Midi, La Provence, Le Dauphiné Libre, Le Progres, La Voix du Nord, Nice-Matin, Sud Ouest, Le Télgramme, etc.).There are also specialized media such as BFMTV and RMC (their website), L’Equipe, Capital, Geo, Gala, Voie, Femme Actuelle.

Sports section on Facebook messages

Sports section on Facebook News // Source: Meta

Wants to provide meta diversity content “Reliable and trustworthy“, Who has”Impact on the lives of users and those around them“In short, stop sharing fake messages for verified content. Other partners should be gradually added to the offer in the coming weeks.

Who chooses the content?

If you believe that Facebook Messages will become a source of as widely used information as Google News, the selected recipe will not be completely identical. When Google News picks up articles published everywhere on the Internet, Facebook wants to highlight the selected ones. Combining information and articles is done by an independent team of experienced journalists. They need to select the most relevant content. A partnership has also been formed with Media Services, an AFP subsidiary that specializes in this area. This will ensure that Facebook News provides a “fair view of the information published by publishers and broadcasters”.

Facebook News arrives in France: Promised by this rival of Google News

Facebook News also displays real-time news digests during news highlights. All of these do not preclude a particular subject from choosing an article that has been pushed by such or such a partner. But if the general editing of the content, the choice of surface themes is pushed forward, users will have their say about the partners they want to appear in their feed. Admittedly, this again corresponds to a source of information that is compatible with one’s contacts, political or editorial sense. But, based on the journalism work of your next of kin, brother-in-law, co-worker or anyone else like you, the information base is much better than the often biased choice.

Who can see them?

If you want to view articles and share them, any content will be done as usual on Facebook. They will appear in your news feed or on pages. You can also share them in private messages with your friends.

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