Des milliers de blouses blanches ont défilé en direction du parlement local à Sydney.

Nurses on strike, exhausted by Pandemic

Thousands of nurses left on Tuesday in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, to combat staff shortages and stress from the pandemic. Defying a ban on strikes, thousands of white shirts marched toward the local parliament, behind surgical masks, denouncing their working conditions.

The crowd of nurses sang and applauded to express their anger at the continued shortage of hospital beds and equipment and express their fatigue in this prolonged crisis. With signs sayingNurses don’t deal“Or”They Thanks Don’t pay rent“, They expelled political leaders accusing them of ignoring their plight.

Australian caregivers have been working for two years, submitting to a strict health protocol, while trying to carry out their daily tasks and ensure an unprecedented vaccination programme. The number of coronavirus cases has exploded in recent months, overloading hospitals and downsizing when staff get sick or are forced to isolate themselves.

Nearly 2.5 million cases of covid

«People need to hear the truth, the current state of staff is not appropriate, it is dangerous and puts patients at risk“, Explains the nurses and Midwives Association of New South Wales. In a statement, The New South Wales State Department of Health thanked nurses for their work”Relentless in the two years of the covid-19 pandemic». But, he adds,”NSW public hospitals have more nurses and midwives than at any time in history».

A strict border closure and strict screening and tracing policy have allowed Australia to contain Covid-19 for much of the pandemic. But the arrival of the Omicron variant has led to tens of thousands of pollutants and dozens of deaths a day. Nearly 2.5 million cases have been recorded for a population of 25 million.

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