The U.S. Army fell for the future Guardian hoverjet, flying and waterfall machine.

Le Guardian HoverJet combine un Adav électrique avec un avion furtif. © Valkyrie Systems Aerospace

The U.S. military has invested in the development of a future Ada. The Guardian hoverjet is a stealth aircraft that takes off vertically and is capable of landing in the water at speeds in excess of 700 km / h.

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To us Wind The force is more concerned with aircraft Vertical departure and landing (adav) and seeks to equip itself with a superior model Speed. To this end, Valkyrie Systems has aided Aerospace in the development of its Guardian Hoverjet.

In order to meet the needs of the military, the company was not satisfied with the creation Electric adav செந்தரம். The device connects two sourcesEnergy. The take-off and landing area is actually electric, with four propellers integrated directly into its wings. However, for propulsion, the aircraft switches to two conventional petrol engines, the Brad & Whitney 545c models.

A stealth and waterfall device

The machine weighs 1,905 kg empty. Add petrol, potential pilot and up to 907 kg of cargo, bringing the total weight to 5,443 kg. The Guardian Hoverjet is capable of cruising at 547 km / h and reaching speeds of up to 724 km / h. Its tank is sufficient to ensure 15 hours of autonomy up to 12,192 meters above sea level.

The Guardian hoverjet is no different just by that Vertical departure. The manufacturer states that it is capable of landing on water and ice, and that it has a waterfall operating system. That too will be Theft And many more equipped Sensors Will work in any weather condition to detect threats and landmines. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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