SVoD: In France, we like (a little) more local shows than anywhere else


According to a study of the relationship of French people to streaming platforms, the French public prefers more than average of locally produced projects. The first to benefit from this cultural patriotism is Netflix.

© Nico De Pasquale Photo - Getty Images

© Nico De Pasquale Photo – Getty Images

How well do we connect with our streaming platforms? This is the question that the American company Whip Media sought to answer in a study of about 2,900 people aged 13 to 54 in French territory. According to him, according to the popular “French cultural exception”, the results show how French people are more attracted to local products than other European countries.

On average, respondents subscribe to 2.7 different sites. However, 56% find the latter to be too high, of which 82% show this tremendous diversity due to the accumulated prices of these services. While 43% still have a hard time finding the plan they are looking for, half are annoyed that they have to go between them. On the other hand, only 17% consider the overall quality of these sites and their programs to be declining. 25% would be willing to support a free service with advertising, and 58% would be happy to pay if claims are excluded.

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The French like the original character

According to the study, the French people are among the most in demand in Europe. An estimated 77% of people lend to original projects. Only voters in the UK make up 82% more. French visitors, on the other hand, are only 70% interested in acquisition projects, which is a relatively low rate in countries.

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Regarding the new obligations for the production and distribution of European content under the European AVMS Order, 49% of respondents said they approve of this legislation. This is the next highest percentage (53%) for Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is also home to 20% of local projects, up to 20% in France, 15% in Germany and 14% in Italy.

Netflix is ​​a public favorite

As far as celebrity is concerned, Netflix is ​​an undeniable leader. 88% of respondents subscribed to Los Kados-based company service, 63% for Prime Video, 48% for Disney +, 11% for Apple TV + and 6% for Salto – we deliberately exclude Canal +, only the VOD table mentioned here, and so on Unlike SVoD operating system, this is not the case with OCS. According to customer satisfaction, Apple TV + is on the decline, according to Whip Media researchers, due to the lack of French fiction on the Apple platform. At this point, Netflix again dominates with the 42 French series listed.

In conclusion, Netflix always dominates when respondents are asked which service they would own if they had to own only one at 76%. Others share crumbs, with Amazon and Disney + earning only 7 and 6%, respectively.

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So Netflix has a bright future in France, and we should see more and more of the locally made projects emerge with the SMAD mandate issued last year. As its boss Thomas Foley would like to believe, it will also be interesting to see if Salto can use its status as a 100% French platform to shine (even a little) with American behemoths.

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