Prince Dmitry of Yugoslavia wants freedom of American life

Prince Dmitry of Yugoslavia wants freedom of American life

Prince Dmitry of Yugoslavia emigrated to the United States a few decades ago and found happiness in New York. The founder of a jewelry house, the entrepreneurial prince lives his American dream and respects the freedom he feels in this country, unlike the very restrictive life that some of his relatives live in their European palaces.

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The prince who loves New York

Prince Dmitry has lived in New York since the 1980s, and is closely related to his Italian royal relatives, from a younger branch of the Karageorgevich dynasty that has ruled various Yugoslav territories since the 19th century. He was the grandson of Humbert II, the last king of Italy, and the grandson of Queen Mary-Jose, daughter of King Albert I of Belgium.

Prince Dmitry, the twin brother of Prince Michael of Yugoslavia and a relative of all European royal families, gave an interview. Business InsiderHe explains why it is so easy to live in the United States if one is a member of the royal family and one wants to use his anonymity or be known for one’s merit.

Jean Schaffraff, Janna Bullock, Nicole Miller and Liliana Cavendish at a ball in New York in 2018 around Prince Dmitry of Yugoslavia (Photo: Lev Rodin / Alami / Abaga)

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“In New York, no one cares until you’re nice, fun, smart and have your own business in mind. Everything is allowed, and it’s very relaxing. Born near Paris in 1958, Prince Dmitry was educated in France and Switzerland before crossing the Atlantic. “America is a very independent society. Although this has changed a lot recently, in Europe everything is much more complicated. It’s an old world, so everything is very complicated. “.

Prince Dmitry did not deny his royal appearance. He is close to some members of his family and, while leading the American branch of the Royal House of Savoy Command, has always supported Prince Emmanuel-Philippe of Savoy. Orders work for charities.

“A royal degree is a birthright, so it will haunt you for the rest of your life,” Dmitry said. “Sometimes it’s good to use it. I use it for my business, that’s it.”Prince Dmitry“It makes marketing easier.” He admits it saves some steps that require a little more work, but “If you use this title correctly and beautifully and act as a role model, there is nothing wrong with that.”

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