Heavy snowfall in the mountains: what to expect in the next few hours?

Heavy snowfall in the mountains: what to expect in the next few hours?

By Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

This Monday, a major episode of snow is affecting most of our reliefs, especially in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Massif Central and the Jura. The weather encourages you to be very vigilant if you have to travel in these mountains in the coming hours.

The most active obstacle is crossing France from west to east on Monday. The hurricane suddenly emits cold air, and as the air mass becomes very unstable as the hurricane passes, a major rain-snow episode first hit the Sevens this Sunday and last night and then the Alps and the Pyrenees this Monday evening. Auvergne, Jura and Vosges are less affected.

20 to 50 cm of snow in a few hours!

On top of that AlpsSnowfall of 1000 to 1200 meters on Monday. Over 1000 m, 20 cm of snowfall inland and 30 to 40 cm of 1600 m. In the south of the Alps, it will be Heavy snowfall since the beginning of this winter Very dry. The Dévoluy, Mercantour and Queyras massifs are most affected. Winds will reach 100 km / h in the high mountains. Blizzard Conditions Hautes-Alpes, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Alpes-Maritimes have the highest snowfall risk of snowfall.

On top of that Pyrenees, Until Tuesday morning with snow attack. Expect 10 to 20 cm around 1200 m. Above 1800 m, the layer is 30 to 50 cm thick. These heavy snowfalls are accompanied by strong winds, blowing at speeds of up to 100 km per hour near the peaks.

On top of that Massif Central, Snowfall in Cévennes starts at 1200 meters on Sunday and continues until 12 noon on Monday. Other snowstorms occur in the Massif Central from 1000 meters until Monday evening. During this snowstorm, fresh snow of up to 50 cm above 1300 m in Cévennes and Monts Lozère, 10 to 30 cm in the Mézenc Massif, and 10 to 20 cm in the Sanchi and Cantol massifs are expected.

In Jura, The snowfall will be weak, with an average of 10 to 15 cm towards 1000 m. Vosjas are about 5 to 10 cm away around 1200 m.

This ensures that the snow attack will be significant. Occurs in generally calm weather from early January, not to be surprised by these snowfalls in the mountains until Sunday and Monday evenings.

And throughout the week?

After Monday’s snowfall, the Southern Alps will find the sun again this Tuesday. Suffice it to say that the conditions in the program are perfect for winter sports training with fresh snow and sunshine! Elsewhere, there will be frequent snowfall on Tuesday and a new hurricane on Wednesday, causing the weather to deteriorate and bring good amounts of snow again, but this time at higher altitudes, 1800 to 2000 m. If you ski below this height, expect rain!

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