Al Aqawan University hosts an international discussion on governance and local development

L'Université Al Akhawayn abrite le Colloque international sur la gouvernance et le développement local

Organized in conjunction with the United States and the local governments of Africa (UCLG Africa), its African Academy of Local Governance (ALGA) and the Commission of the International Geographical Union (UGI) for Administration, the symposium was held in mixed form. Integrate and support a network of researchers, practitioners and stakeholders involved in the challenges of local government.

About thirty researchers and practitioners from AUI, University of Morocco, World Bank, University of Paris IV, University College Dublin, University of Essex, Cabo Verde University, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge Campus, Arti University, University of Kentucky, University of Tunis El Manor, etc. Participated in the event to discuss local governance policies and current development strategies aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In fact, for effective management, development policies must be locally based, environmentally friendly and adaptable to local topographical specifications and characteristics.

It should be noted that local administration is the right way to provide basic services to the people, thus helping to reduce socio-spatial inequalities. It will still continue to be the best way to involve citizens and local governments in economic, social and human development projects.

Responses to the COVID 19 epidemic have revealed the need for new and more effective regional management systems to meet current global challenges at the local and regional levels.

AUI and its partners are firmly committed to the challenge of local management and have already established multinational networks of researchers and practitioners dealing with local management issues. Morocco’s recent experience in local development strategies (Special Commission on Development Model, Advanced Regionalization, INDH, Project Maroc Vert, Coastal Tourism Promotion Project Azure, Strategic Development Plans for Green Energy, Sustainable Economic Development Plans, Planning Slum Cities ”…) Provides the opportunity to expand networks.

Among the themes addressed during the symposium were: “Think big but act locally: Evaluation of key national initiatives”, “What do we measure and how do we measure? Data and indicators for local governance”, “Regional government and globalization”, “Governance and regional integration” Management Responsibility and Transparency “,” Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development “,” Citizenship and Participatory Governance: Political and Geographical Dimensions “,” Civil and Democratic Rights Within Local Government “,” Local Justice and the Right to the City “and” Climate Change and Epidemics: Regression , Mitigation and adaptation “.

Following various discussions, selected articles in English and French will be published after review by a scientific panel.

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