A developer manages to run Windows 11 on Pixel 6

A developer manages to run Windows 11 on Pixel 6

Thanks to Android 13, a developer would have introduced Windows 11 in Pixel 6 on a virtual machine. This is made possible by Google’s desire to facilitate the use of such tools in later versions of the OS.

A developer has successfully introduced Windows 11 on Pixel 6.

A developer has successfully introduced Windows 11 on Pixel 6. // Source: Friendroid

We had already seen that OnePlus 6T runs on Windows 11, Why not have a new smartphone? Developer Danny Lynn is developing the nickname KdragOnIt’s the most reliable of the leaks surrounding Google and its smartphones, says (Via Android Commission) Was able to run Windows 11 On one Pixel6.

Pixel 6 is Windows 11 VM https://t.co/0557SfeJtN pic.twitter.com/v7OIcWC3Ab

– kdrag0n (kdrag0n) February 13, 2022

Developer Developer uses preview Android 13, An update seems slight for now. But as the developer proves, Android 13 will change many things by making it easier to use a virtual machine on your smartphone.

Eternal destruction

He released the Portrait View, a smartphone-style screen shot of Microsoft OS.

According to the developer, even if the graphics here is running Windows without acceleration, the performance level of the virtual machine will be quite accurate.

Also, kdragOn was fun to launch the popular game Disaster On his smartphone, with a keyboard attached as a bonus for convenience.

Yes, it enables domain (connects to my phone’s Windows VM from my computer for keyboard input) pic.twitter.com/6PORUnJk8m

– kdrag0n (kdrag0n) February 14, 2022

Beyond technical prowess, this may be the first significant addition to Android 13. Google is committed to using virtual machines on devices running Android.

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With the success of Mountain View, the old dream of using a single device that can work as both a phone and a PC once connected to a screen and keyboard will apparently be revived. This is exactly what Samsung is trying to do with its Tex system.

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