Trophies of the International Film Festival on people with disabilities 2022

Trophies of the International Film Festival on people with disabilities 2022
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Growing success Fifties Explained on February 9, when the trophies were presented, it was once again a treat for many participants in terms of partners and organizers.

(Alexandre Philippe, Philippe lefait and Marta Pardo-bautier in the photo)

Many gathered for the event in the large screening room of the Lumiere Institute were able to in turn discover the winners presented by someone from cinema, media, politics, diplomacy or subsidiary.

Founder of the International Disability Film Festival, Katia Martin-Maresco and her trauma team have made this new version of the festival a real success, despite two difficult years to win back partners who have been somewhat shunned over the health crisis.

More currently than ever, the auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, represented by the vice president in charge of disabled people, Sandrine Sykes, The city of Lyon and greater Lyon, represented by Mme respectively Florence Delaunay And Mr. Trump. Pascal Blanchard. There Orange foundation, Now a loyal partner, and new and significant partners such as mutuel d’action social (Mafsib), Where Lip company, And of course S. A. A. C. D (Société des auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques) this does not detract from its commitment, as does France TV, International Handicap, Secretariat of State for the disabled, theLyon academy And theUniversity of light Lyon 2. I can’t name all the supporting and media partners, but let them know that their support is essential to the festival. Philip lefait’s faithful presence as patron of the festival adds authenticity and notoriety to this meeting of cinema.

The evening was presented for the second time by the pompous and inescapable person of Lyon Marta Pardo-bautier And actor and screenwriter, star of the series., Alexander Philip. Many winners have traveled from different countries despite health bans. Moreover, it is the reaction of foreign laureates that measures the prestige and notoriety of FIFH. The festival has become an international reference, and for some there is no crime.

Alexandre Philippe from left to right, Jean-Baptiste richardier, Philippe lefait and Marie-Castile refer to-Schar

Winners of the 5th edition of Lyon’S FIFH

Award for Best Youth Short Film attributed to the Italian film “SOS”by stéphane H Ahidjo.

Prize for Best Short Film by Lyon academy Théo Jamin, Kavy Lang, Marion Philippe and Jean-Gerard Blanc were awarded for the French animated film “Les chaussures de Louis”.

Prize for Best Short Film by Université Lumière Lyon 2 Presented two films: The Australian film “Thomas ride in an ambulance” by Jamieson Pierce and the American film “rooms”by Anjali Nath.

Award for best short film “I want to work” Anne Le graziat is attributed to the French film by”Marjorie”.

Award for Best Short Film “Fais moi du cinéma” “Throughout the fear” is due to Zhang Juang Ding Taiwan film.

Award for Best Short Film Film Presented English animated film by Richard O’hanlon and Daniel brand-sinyinza”small gestures”.

Award for Best Short Film of choice 3 Angel The French animated film was presented by Reza Riahi “navosante, musician”.

Award for Best Documentary Feature Presented American film by Jerry Rothwell ” do you know why I jump? ».

Gaza’s favorite award Yukuru Matsumoto’s Japanese documentary fiction film “talkin to the starry sky”was presented.

Pascal Duquen actor’s award Awards to Lithuanian film by Inza kurgleidite “the Butterfly Heart”.

Award for best fiction film Awards two films, The Dutch film ” Romy’s Salon “by Misha Kamp and the Russian film”bitva”by Anar abbasos.

We congratulate all the winners, but every year, we congratulate all the more and more candidates around the world to apply for this exceptional festival. A phenomenon not yet sufficiently supported by the statistics of cinema, culture, economics, politics and – quite surprisingly – the world of disability!
I only see two events that have gone off the beaten track in the last 7 or 8 years that are advancing our society’s level of awareness about difference and disability, these are FIFH and “trophies in Ea and ESAT handout”.

All speakers are unanimous in recognizing caring qualities in terms of this ceremony, the ability to make integrity visible through cinema, in all it is more beautiful, exemplary and more persuasive. All these professional products that unite from all over the world show us one thing: whatever culture and country, living together with our differences is key to a peaceful society. I take the word of Georges godul, sums it up well, let’s live “deferensumple.”

Download the festival program : FIFH 2022 plan

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