Rotten eggs on a platform for Jeff Bezos’ super boat

Rotten eggs on a platform for Jeff Bezos' super boat

Since retiring from Amazon, Jeff Bezos has had the money to go with it to buy the most luxurious of all time in the world. Last year, he departed as a space tourist. This summer, he will capture an exceptional super boat from all perspectives. If he can deliver it …

For a millionaire, retirement is an opportunity to fulfill his worst dreams: going into space, traveling around the world ஜெ Jeff Bezos with deep pockets After creating and managing Amazon for many years, Makes the most of his spare time. He presented himself last year A round trip in orbit On the Blue Origin rocket.

Rotten eggs and tomatoes for the boat

He also took out a check book for the purchase of a super boat built in Rotterdam by Dutch expert Ozianko. An impressive 127-meter-long ship called the “Y721”. It would very simply be the largest boat in the world, with many luxurious refineries and helipads.

The boat has masts 40 meters high, which is not without a serious problem. Because to go to sea, it is mandatory to remove a historic bridge in Rotterdam. The De Hef Bridge will undergo major renovations between 2014 and 2017, while undergoing removal work. The municipality promised that the infrastructure would never be removed again.

To justify its broken promise, the Town Hall stimulates the work done by the shipyard and Jeff Bezos’ super shipbuilding. This also ensures that the bridge is uniformly rebuilt. There is no other way because it is the only way to the sea …

The story obviously made waves. One Facebook Team When “Y721” goes to sea, the disgruntled citizens promise that there will be a whole bunch of rotten eggs and tomatoes to throw at him! Currently more than 4,500 people have said they want to participate.

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