Is it yes or no?

Is it yes or no?

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, with a stylus and more square design, was nicely and truly impressed by the reference range. Very different choice than last year. What do you think?

S22 Ultra

S22 Ultra // Source: Frandroid

Samsung’s most anticipated new premium smartphones have now been delivered. If two cheap smartphones, the S22 and S22 PlusChanges are on the verge, The S22 Ultra Contradicts its predecessor by drawing inspiration from Reference limit.

We can make a connection with the reference limit for two reasons: the presence of a stylus that can be stored at the heart of the device and in a very square shape. As a bonus, Samsung has decided to remove the photo block and opt for the teardrop design.

The choice of splitting

For some who are frustrated that they will not be able to see the Galaxy Note throughout 2021, this new direction is great news. For others, this smartphone may be called the Galaxy S22, which effectively destroys its notable appearance, which can be a little frustrating.

It is still enough for Samsung to understand that managing a premium range is definitely simple. We could argue that the general population of Ultra and Note is ultimately identical, because those who can afford such an expensive phone will often have professional goals in mind.

Others will regret the S21 Ultra and its slightly thinner design. To place Feeling Classic of the S range, it is now necessary to return to the S22 or S22 Plus. Is this enough to motivate some Samsung fans to look elsewhere?

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

For these many changes, and because of its changing philosophy, this model is worth at least one review a week. Tell us what you thought about it.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Yes or No?

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