Who is Beatrice Rosen, the new columnist for touch pass à mon Poste, who starred in American blockbusters? (Video)

Who is Beatrice Rosen, the new columnist for touch pass à mon Poste, who starred in American blockbusters? (Video)

Don’t touch my post This Friday, February 11, Beatrice Rosen welcomed a new columnist. He had an international career before joining a band of columnists at C8!

Cyril Hanouna regularly tests new columnists Don’t touch my post. Laurent Fontaine Thus after significant participation, he has joined the C8 talk show team this week TPMP people. In particular, he expressed confidence in the judgment This is only the truth that countsE, reveals the next day that the show could return to C8. Another little news made the big debut on the show this week, when lawyer Laure-Alice Bouvier, came up with her legal expertise. This Friday, February 11, Beatrice RosenYou may not know an actress from a Corps of columnists and her face.

International actress joins C8 talk show

“Beatrice Rosen, who had come to testify. In fact, all the teams told me : ‘She’s got something’. You know he’s an American star”, The host recalled introducing her. And Cyril Hanouna did not exaggerate his guest’s resume. He made sure he played. The Dark Knight With Christian Bale. “You know people a little bit for cinema”, Matthieu investigated delormo and was suddenly curious. The actress also starred in 2012, In film or series by Roland Emmerich Smallville. “I was born in America. I was born in New York, I grew up in Paris”, He added, at the host’s request. “She has a little American accent”, Geraldine noticed maillett about her new sister-in-law.

He played with Bernard Tapie at the theatre

Beatrice Rosen He started studying acting at the age of ten. He hit his acting career in the late 90s. He has appeared in several television films and series in France or the United States. He was found inside Smallville Or Charmed. He portrayed Batman’s girlfriend The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan in 2008, before playing Tamara 2012, A young Russian woman who ends up drowning in apocalyptic floods. He also appeared on boards with Bernard Tapie Roller coaster In 2010. In 2013, she starred in Agnès Jaoui, At the end of the story.

Don’t touch my post, To be found in full in the application Michanal.

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