St. Nasir.  The American City Burger Restaurant is finally set to open

St. Nasir. The American City Burger Restaurant is finally set to open

That’s it, the opening of the American city St. Nasir Finally emerges more precisely. Released a year ago, The name of the future new restaurant of Blue Ribbon Will always be displayed in the window announcing the next opening. In 2021, epidemics, all sorts of delays and an increase in quotes put an end to the life of Theory Favier-led company The Restaurant, which launched its American City restaurant chain.

When he opened his first “diner” in Lyon, and finally in Cherbourg in January, all other sites were sealed for several months. It is in Reims and Charleroi and so on in Saint-Nazaire. “By default a company had to be changed. The change of opinion meant that all the furniture was left behind. Theory Favier considers.

Construction is progressing

Over the past week, growth has resumed, and despite some delays in delivery, for example, the site is now progressing. It is there to recruit staff, “It’s not easy, because everyone is watching. However, we have a favorable salary and schedule management policy. Theory Favier insists.

In the American context of the 1950s and 1960s, American City would be the first business to reclaim this part of the Blue Ribbon by providing quality fast food. “We hope to be surrounded a little more soon.” The primary theme of the decor is stunning, and in addition to the brand’s standards, the palette is, “A local burger”. It will probably be released on the second weekend of March, during the launch of inviting invitations and entertainment.

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