Sidelined Johnny Depp will make his big return to cinema-act cinema

Sidelined Johnny Depp will make his big return to cinema-act cinema

Almost a year after the almost unnoticed release of Minamata, where he plays journalist William Eugene Smith, Johnny Depp will make a long-awaited return to cinema. In the movie titled Favorite, Johnny Depp will play Louis XV.

For months now, times have been very difficult for Johnny Depp. In November 2020, Mads Mikkelsen was appointed to the role of Gellert grindelwall to replace the American actor. It was Warner Bros. in charge of the third instalment of Fantastic Beasts that asked Johnny Depp to drop his role. The request follows the 58-year-old actor’s lost case against the sun, relating to a case that pitted him against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

A historical picture in French

And after starring in Humble Productions (waiting for Minamata or savages) in Favorite, Johnny Depp will portray Louis XV with Maïwenn. The latter will take care of directing the film, but will also play the role of Madame du Parry, The Last Mistress of the French king. The film will focus on Jean du Pari, often called Madame du Pari.

The movie will begin filming in July 2022 and is expected to be released in cinemas in 2023. Mainly in the Paris region, the film will be shot entirely in French while filming takes place over a period of three months.

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