Did you know that? Sofia Coppola was inspired by her own story!

Did you know that? Sofia Coppola was inspired by her own story!

Some films, Sofia Coppola He established himself as a leading film producer. Francis is the daughter of Ford Coppola, who appeared on screen when she was only a few months old Godfather, There is an undeniable foot behind the camera. With Virgin Suicides (2000), he already confirmed a sacred personality, while The Bling Ring (2013), he was inspired by an incredibly true story. Sometimes the director’s films flow a lot of ink, namely Prey (2017), accused of racism. If there’s a job that makes everyone agree, that’s fine Lost in translation, Released theatrically in January 2004.

Lost in translation, Grace and the miracle of poetry

A true gem, winner of the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and the C├ęsar Award for Best Foreign Film, the film is a favorite of editorial staff. With a yummy, airy grace of elegance and melancholy, the script follows Bob Harris, the famous American comedian, but whose life is in decline. He arrives in Tokyo to shoot an ad for a whiskey brand. At the luxury hotel where he is staying, the victim of jet lag, he has no idea what to do to occupy his nights. For her part, Charlotte arrived in Japan with her husband, John. Photographer, the latter abandons her. One evening, Bob and Charlotte meet at the bar. Then begins a relationship as touching as impossible. If this fantastic meeting proves too poetic, it owes it especially to its artists. Including Scarlett Johansson, the actress is already a great revelation despite having several films under her belt. And Bill Murray, whom Sofia Coppola absolutely wanted to hire. The young filmmaker, in fact, wrote the pop role specifically for the American actor, and he wouldn’t have made his film without the latter behind the camera.

Sofia Coppola was inspired by her own life

To find a priori distant from her own in a universe, Sofia Coppola does not finally have to look far. For the character of John, a photographer, the director recalled his relationship with filmmaker Spike Johns, with whom he was married. Like Charlotte, Sofia followed her then-companion from the hotel to the hotel. The director had also made several trips to Japan, especially to promote Virgin Suicides, His first film. And worships Park Hyatt in Tokyo, where the action Lost in translation. “I love the fact that in hotels, we always end up meeting the same people, a kind of complicity is created, even if we don’t know them, even if we don’t talk to them“, The filmmaker explained at the time of the film’s release. “Being an outsider in Japan makes things even more offbeat. We suffer from jet lag and we take his life in the middle of the night.

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