Blinken in Australia for” Quad ” meeting

Le «Quad» est une alliance qui réunit les États-Unis, l'Australie, l'Inde et le Japon.

US High Commissioner Antony Blinken arrived in Australia on Wednesday to meet allies in the Asia-Pacific region to boost their partnership in the face of China’s rise to power. “The secretary of state will participate in meetings for two days.”Quad“, In the hope that America’s alliance with Australia, India and Japan will strengthen its desire to become a bulwark against China’s desire for economic and military dominance.

There is, however, a risk of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, ” Blinken acknowledgedIn the center“The concerns of the US administration, when he was flying to Melbourne. But America is a, “he insistedCentral axis“Despite crises in the Middle East and now central Europe in recent years, in this region facing China’s aspirations.

«The world is vast. Our interests are global and you all know very well that we are focused on the Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific regions“, He told reporters on the plane. «We are very focused on this and that is why we are going to Australia».

Washington has sought to strengthen this coalition, initially concerned about maritime security, before being extended to other areas, including the fight against the coronavirus. «The message the secretary of State will convey on this journey is that our partnership will be effective“, Said U.S. Assistant Secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel gridenbrink before the trip.

«The Quad is a key component of the foreign, economic and security policy of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region“, He added. Launched in 2007,”Quadrilateral Security Dialogue“Began with joint naval maneuvers between the United States, India and Japan in the Indian Ocean.

In 2020, Australia joined the drills, and clashes between Chinese and Indian forces in the disputed border region have led New Delhi, which is not traditionally aligned, to become more involved in the quad.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne says”Quad“This is not just about security, but also about the distribution of vaccines in the region, cyber technologies, fake news, terrorism and the fight against climate change,” he said. «As a network of democracies, we are committed to very solid cooperation to ensure that all countries of the Indo-Pacific region – large and small-can make their own strategic decisions and make them without a ban“, He told Australia’s ABC radio.

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