Google is releasing the first images of the new version of the OS

Google has announced the availability of the first version of Android 13 aimed at developers. Chances are you’ve found some pictures of the next version of the operating system from Google.

android 13 developer
Credit: Google

Google has announced the distribution of the first version of without warningAndroid 13 Targeting developers. The news was posted on Twitter and for this occasion, the manufacturer described in a long blog post what to expect from this version reserved for experts.

First, Mountain View reminds us that privacy and security will be at the center of the Android 13 experience, as well as productivity (for developers anyway). Still on the security side, This version of the OS has a photo selector What will allow? “Securely share photos and videos Applications ”as well as a Allow new wifi. The goal is to prevent app developers from continuing to request access to GPS locations.

Applications that use many commonly used WiFi APIs will require this new permission and will allow apps to detect and connect nearby WiFi devices without location permission. ” Google explains.

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android 13 developer
Credit: Google

The first preview version of Android 13 is here

Google wants to extend the policy of changing colors on the interface and display page The subject is you, New design of Android 12, Icons for all apps (not just Google Apps). In other words, you can change the colors of the icons to match the background color of your screen.

Add improvements to Shader programming, updates for OpenJKD11, OS upgrades on tablets, foldable devices and Chromebooks, or make it even easier for developers to test their API and debug changes.

Of course, Most of these new features are only of interest to developersHowever, they do provide a quick overview of the features awaited by the general public on Android 13. As Google said, The second version of the OS for developers will be used in March 2022. As for the deployment of the final version of Android 13, or Tromis of his nicknameIt will take at least until the end of the summer.

android 13 developer
Credit: Google

Source: Google

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